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About Ruggedian

At Ruggedian Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd we believe that a spirit of challenge and willingness to take on difficult challenges not only enriches individuals, but also moves the hearts of others. Sporting environments, where not only participants but also supporters are joined together by a feeling of unity, exemplifies the “creation of fitness culture” that we are striving for.We are very passionate about bringing innovativeideas and the zeal to keep people healthy & fit with our concepts.
In the last couple of years we have established a victorious partnership with our clients. With us quality is the ultimate thing and we make sure we give you the best quality for whatever is served by us. We aim to develop and bring the adventure and sporting community together and serve them with loads of out-of-the-box experiences, deals and offers.

“Everybody dies, but not Everybody lives!!!”


Mr.Akash Korgaonkar has been a zonal badminton player, he finished various tough marathons & races like MTB Himalaya which is a race of 7 days in the midst of 700kms of tough terrains & has been a winner of many including Endura. His strong passion of sports since childhood developed a zeal of doing something different. In 2014, he completed the Ironman Triathlon 2015, he happened to proudly be amongst the First Fifteen Ironmen from South Asia.Mr.Akash’s never dying passion for sports & mysterious marketing skills made him the founder of Ruggedian Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd.


Over two decades of experience in business, Mr.Uppal Shah has acquired many awards in his fields. His combination of knowledge along with fondness for sports & adventure activities allows the organization broaden cross over opportunities across multiple platforms.
Mr.Uppal is a strong visionary who believes in uplifting the society & people. His foresightedness can be well depicted by his passion for sports, and his successful efforts to bring a fitness culture has already reached the lives of thousands of people through Ruggedian Lifestyle Pvt.Ltd


The tech savvy prodigy is a digital marketing consultant for various globally renowned companies. He also has a vast experience in PR and talent management experience and has played an integral role at some of the most prestigious and reputable organisations in the country. Mr.Rushabh brings an eclectic blend of experiences and wide array of contacts within Ruggedian. His experience & liking of sports brings a knowledgeable experience with a diverse and extensive network.