Ruggedian Club

About Ruggedian club

Ruggedian Club is aimed at developing and bringing the community together. It promises to give an unique and exciting out-of-the-box experience which was never here before and there’s something for everyone. The term “Ruggedian” has become synonymous with youth, excitement & adventure!!! But more than anything else, it has become a lifestyle to live by.

Ruggedian has become a trend-setter for the youth over the years, so have kept the momentum going and brought you yet another thrilling and astonishing notion of the Ruggedian Club. The Ruggedian Club will operate by means of a club membership, wherein, the members will get an easy access at a discounted price to a plethora of events such as adventure activities, parties, social gatherings, mega-adventure and sports event, etc. And that’s not all!!! Ruggedian CLUB has tie-ups with a number of prominent establishments in Merchandising, Lifestyle, Fitness, Hospitality, Events, etc. to avail some exciting and exclusive offers for its members. Starting with Kolhapur, we will soon be spreading our wings in other cities too. All the deals and offers would be accessible to the members through our up-to-date and informative Ruggedian Club App. So join us and let’s live life to the fullest!!!