Other Events

ADVENTURE CARNIVAL                                     GALLERY

Ruggedian has always brought thrill with their out of box activities, through one of our event ‘Adventure Carnival’ hundreds of adrenaline junkies have explored and uncovered the most daring side clubbed with a lot of fun through bountiful of popular 10+ adventurous activities.
The enthralling adventure carnival was a grand success on the windswept Masai plateau.
It not only provided a great respite from the scheduled lifestyle but also gave an opportunity to feel serene landscapes and scenic beauty which were again enough to leave the adventure seekers mesmerized.
The participants knocked out the stress and got a taste of jaw dropping adventure encountered with the untouched thrill, giving the most enjoyable and rejuvenating experiences!!!

MIDNIGHT BICYCLE RIDE                                   GALLERY

Hundreds of riders come together to the streets of Kolhapur to embark on a rather unusual Saturday night fun – the Midnight Bicycle Ride! The city had never experienced such voluminous man-traffic in those wee hours ever until Ruggedian brought it. The usually quiet and quaint lanes of Kolhapur’s town gets filled with excited riders and all over enjoyment.
Setting off from midnight, it takes two hour to complete the 25 km route touring the city’s most iconic landmarks with entertainment stops along the way for rest, fuel for the stomach and more.
The route commences at the holy Temple of Mahalaxmi en route Rankala, New Palace and various other boulevards of historic importance throughout Kolhapur enjoying midnight snacking along the way piping hot cutting Chai along with the famed Poha and Upma while exploring the city on a Bicycle.
The total fun packed Midnight Bicycle Ride is one of the most awaiting events that is truly loved by Kolhapurkars!

MIDNIGHT TREK                                                 GALLERY

Every year Ruggedian brings a unique leisure Night Trek for families and couples.
An excellent opportunity to develop a taste for adventure and instill a love for an active lifestyle to citizens. Participants go beyond the drudgery of their daily entertainment sources of TV, shopping, cinemas, etc. The Night Trek gets followed by a traditional rural dinner and lots of fun and surprises. Last time we came up with a surprise astronomy show, where our participants explored  stars and moon with great full universe view.
Ruggedian has been organizing this annual night trek for the last 4 years where 350+ individual participate every year.

FSOM                                                                       GALLERY

First Sunday of the Month (FSOM) was a monthly activity that was brought by Ruggedian in Kolhapur city for the first time for all the citizens to come out of their lazy Sunday morning and have a refreshing weekend rituals. The activity included variety of sessions such as yoga, CrossFit, Zumba, long run, laughter session by the fitness experts of the city. The activity was open for all and it was lovingly accepted by Kolhapurkars with enthusiastic response.

OFF ROAD BIKING                                                GALLERY

This unique event packs all the best bits of off-road riding together into one jam-packed amazingly varied route that will provide you with a muddy adventure you’ll never forget. From steep forest inclines to tricky technical descents, rocky paths to adrenaline pumping single tracks – we’ve got it all. Looking at last year’s great response about 150+ participants, we are here with this years most awaited event Off-road Biking with new excitement and great things. Ruggedian off-road biking is a mixture of terrain and gradients. With each excitement terrain and turns and wonderful ways.

And It’s open to all, because we believe even In small age and nonprofessional ways we can do anything so why not off-road it. Event is supervised by technical team by taking care there full route and participants.

MAHARASHTRA SHREE 2016                                 GALLERY

After 20 long years, Ruggedian, Bunty’s pro 10 & R.V Gym brought to Kolhapur, one of the most awaited and the biggest competition of its kind in the state, “Mr. Maharashtra 2016” – Body Building competition. The event was simply the most stylized body building event this state has ever witnessed, with almost 240+ competitors (Male and Female) who came in from all the corners of the state for this prestigious title. It certainly was the talk of town, and Kolhapur city, which has a huge fan base and much love for this sport, was over flooded by enthusiastic spectators, with over 3000 of them joining us from all over the state.

Mr.Sunit Jadhav was unanimously declared Mr.Mahrashtra 2016. It was also a special occasion for Mr.Sangram Chougule as he was felicitated and declared Body-Builder of the decade by the IBBF. The event was sponsored Aleo international, Monster & Elite

GUINNESS WORLD RECORD                                 GALLERY


Tapasyasiddhi Kala Accademy is dedicated towards cherishing and encouraging traditional Indian dance form of ‘Bharatnatyam’. They also work for other traditional Indian art forms like Indian classical music, several Indian classical dance forms.
A Guinness World Record was made when Ms. Sanyogeeta Patil with her team of dancers made the record for maximum number of dancers together in sync for the first time in January 2015 and then a second time breaking their own record in January 2016.
Ruggedians are very proud to say that we were partnered with them and were a huge part of the event.

WALK A THON                                                         GALLERY

On occasion of World Health Day, we Ruggedians took an initiative of Walk-a-thon to promote being healthy by Inner-wheel Rotary club, powered by Asther Adhar Hospital.

The response we got from kolhapurkars was overwhelming.